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I’m Suzanne (Suus) van de Laar, a commercial photographer specialised in the art of fetish photography with a twist and style that can best be described as soft and playful. I’m driven by a creative hunger, and love to explore many different varieties by experimenting with new colours, settings and techniques. All in a safe and secure environment that emphasises who you truly are. 

Although respectful fetish photography does not save the world, it might just change peoples opinion about the subject. My passionate enthusiasm of creating something beautiful together with my team, has inspired a lot of people world wide.

I’m based in Almere, the Netherlands, but always willing to travel worldwide in search of that perfect picture.


Winner of the 2017 MorepiXX award www.morepixx.com

a small selection of my regular customers


nothing can beat a statement from a happy customer

Suus has an amazing, open energy and has the ability to see inside you, make you relax and capture it with her camera. She knows how to get the best out of you, and you just want to give it to her.
Joe King

Suus knows how to get the best from you
Doing a photoshoot with Suus is an amazing experience. She is able make you feel comfortable instantly. The pleasant and relaxed atmosphere which Suus creates makes you at ease and which results in beautiful pure pictures. Her versatility from fetish to family pictures is a true gift. Suus always manages to bring the best out of you with her camera. I can recommend Suus to anyone.
Raymond, Mister Leather Europe 2017

Doing a photoshoot with Suus is an amazing experience
A photoshoot with Suus can be very emotional but is always fun. Bringing in her humour and connecting to you she makes you feel comfortable, at ease and safe right away when you enter her studio. The best thing about Suus is that she truly sees you and tries to capture the very best of you — even when you’re not really sure about what that is yourself. With her amazing people skills, experience and curiosity she just sees you exactly the way you are, always with an open view, never with any prejudice. From amazing funny shoots with friends, to capturing intimate moments with a loved one to a fetish shooting when you’re tied up and at your most vulnerable — every shoot I had with Suus has been a great experience.

Every shoot I had with Suus has been a great experience

honest rates for the most beautiful pictures

My studio has all the comforts imaginable. With over 100 square meters of studio, it is also well suited for larger groups. I work together with numerous makeup artists and stilist’s, and when working on location I always work together with my assistant. Want photos with an exciting twist? We can arrange a professional falconer, or you can have your pictures taken with owls, snakes or spiders. Needless to say, but with respect for the animals and yourself.

You will receive all the selected (usable) images, free of copyrights. You can choose wether or not you want to have specific photo’s edited (photoshop). You’re completely free to use the material for different (editorial) marketing purposes, like magazines, books, websites, social media, etc. The reselling to third parties, usage on billboards or large marketing campaigns is prohibited.

The additional on-site hourly fee of €95,– always excludes tasks like image editing.

Hour / starting fee
(time aprox. +/- 2 hours)
VAT not included
  • 1 hour on location (within The Netherlands)
  • 1 hour image editing
  • incl. all correspondence
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One daypart
(time aprox. +/- 6 hours)
VAT not included
  • 3 hours on location (within The Netherlands)
  • 3 hours image editing
  • incl. all correspondence and other activities
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Two dayparts
(time aprox. +/- 12 hours)
VAT not included
  • 6 hours on location (within The Netherlands)
  • 6 hours image editing
  • incl. all correspondence and other activities
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